To enroll a student in a course, the doctype used is called LMS Batch Membership.

Screenshot 2022 08 01 at 10.29.46 AM

From the course home page, a membership record is created by default when a user clicks the Start Learning button.

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The following details are stored in this doctype

  • The course for which the user has enrolled.
  • The Batch and Cohort details.
  • The lesson on which the user is currently on.
  • The user's role, if they are a Member or Admin. If the user joins the course from the website, the role is saved as a member. If you are creating a record from the backend for a mentor or staff you can manually save the value of this field to Admin.
  • Name of the user/member who is enrolled for the course.
  • Member type to store if the member is a Student, Mentor, or Staff.
  • Progress made by the student for this course